Saturday, February 13, 2016

HSM '1: #1 Procrastination: Late 1830s Cap

Hello friends! I spent all of January waffling about what I wanted to make for this challenge, since 98% of my sewing life is procrastinating on everything! (And then I procrastinated EVEN LONGER on posting this!) I even went into my "almost finished" box to see what I could pull out of there to finish, as it's mostly things in a state of (as labelled) almost-finished. My cat gave me a good scare while I did that. I walked away for a moment and he jumped in. When I came back, I thought he was a piece of faux fur, but then it started to move. Gah! He's good at that.

Like the day my bustle started to move on it's own... Until I realized it had a tail.

So there it was, January 30th, and I'd spent all month procrastinating on a procrastination challenge, which was kind of hilarious. Luckily, I had one little project at hand, that I knew what had to be done, just waiting for me to finish it.

I started this little cap in August, after seeing Anneliese's ADORABLE version a few days previously. It's made out of some embroidered linen that I last used on Esmerelda's petticoat, and hand-sewn with silk thread. When I had left off, all I had left to do was the back hem to run a ribbon or tape through. It's got a temporary ribbon at the moment, that I may or may not keep. I tried a little mock-up bow on top, like the book suggests, and it is SOOOOOO cute! (I forgot to take a picture of it though!)

I don't know how it will work under a bonnet, if it's even meant to, but it should look pretty good with my dress too :)

The Challenge: #1 Procrastination
Fabric: 100% embroidered linen (the embroidery thread I'm sure is polyester)
Pattern: The Workwoman's Guide (1840) (link should be to the correct page, which is 59. Plate is on Page 314.)
Year: 1838-1840
Notions: silk thread, a bit of ribbon
How historically accurate is it?: shape is great! Materials, less so.
Hours to complete: 4 or so, not including the time it took to learn how to do rolled whipped gathers lol
First worn: not yet
Total cost: free-to-me as everything was stashed or leftovers. Still, this would be a very inexpensive project to buy new, perhaps $10.

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